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“Trisha was recommended to us by our first realtor after we decied to look for houses in Santa Cruz Hills (originally were looking in Oakland Hills). She was very informative, responsive in our communications, extremely helpful in our house visits, and kept track of things for us during the whole process. She even kept helping us even after we moved in. I would strongly recommend working with Trisha!”

“Trisha is amazing, absolute pleasure to work with. She brings vast amounts of experience, energy, compassion and a support team ready to accomplish any task. Her professionalism, honesty and guidance puts your mind at ease quickly. Trisha always had our best interest in mind and I would recommend her to anyone selling or buying a house.”

“This is why Trisha Motter is the ONLY realtor you should ever have and refer to family or friends you truly care about. We lived two years of a living nightmare trying to find the perfect realtor that met all our specific needs which can be demanding. We worked with many realtors that left us with sleepless nights and frustration beyond imagination. We learned that we needed a special realtor that was familiar with property in the mountains since that was our primary consideration. Trust me when I say it is VERY difficult to find a realtor that is an expert in mountain properties. Feeling very hopeless during this search, one day, out of the blue, we were blessed with a true miracle! Not exaggerating! All our prayers were answered when we met this angel Trisha that fell from the skies and into our lives! We were all over the map and unsure of the pros and cons of city property verses mountain property but Trisha remained patient with us to the Extreme and took as long as it needed to explain anything & everything to us. She looked into every possibility we brought to her in an impressive timely fashion and she shared in detail all the pros and cons so we could make an honest and intelligent decision every time. She was so honest, so intelligent and extremely competent. We learned quickly that she was not just out for the sale, but rather truly cared about finding the perfect match for us. Trisha is a RARE find indeed! She went out of her way to make sure we didn’t get ripped off or make a purchase that could hurt us later. And, not only does Trisha have an extremely valuable list of contacts, she went the extra mile and called and set up appointments with all the necessary inspectors. She also met us at the house during every inspection to oversee that we were properly taken care of and asked all the necessary questions. And she stayed after inspections to address all of our concerns. Trisha was truly an answer to our prayers. We went from a completely hopeless feeling and sleepless nights to a total sense of calmness and confidence that she will make this dream happen for us…. And she did! We literally scored the BEST REALTOR EVER and found one with a genuine heart and soul....and again, trust me, not easy to find!!! She had an answer to all of our questions…. And Bonus, she Always had extremely valuable information to add to what we needed to know. The valuable pointers she shared with us on how to live safely in the mountains and keep the septic and well in working condition gave us more peace of mind than we can express….things we would have really mucked up if we went into mountain living as ignorant as we were. She also saved us from purchasing property that had extreme water damage in the walls. And I can honestly say from experience that NO other realtor was willing to take the time nor put in the abundance of effort that Trisha put into making a purchase happen for us. I consider her a dear friend now and my guardian angel, which I couldn’t tell her enough during the process. We love, love, love this woman! She is the ONLY realtor I will EVER refer to family and friends. I feel confident that I would be saving someone I love from a lot of needless stress by introducing them to Trisha. She won’t sleep until your dreams are fulfilled so you can get a good night’s sleep knowing that! Sound too good to be true? I KNOW, tell me about it! I don’t use the word miracle lightly, but this woman was a true miracle in my family’s life. What a God Sent Angel!”

“We wanted to sell our house in Saratoga so that we could move closer to our son and his family in another state. We interviewed several realtors and decided to let Trisha navigate the sale process because of her knowledge of the Silicon Valley housing market, business sense, professionalism, and attention to detail. She patiently explained every step along the way in detail and kept us on schedule. We had every confidence in her along the way. The house sold with multiple offers over the asking price, and the sale process exceeded our expectations. We strongly recommend her.”

“We highly recommend Trisha. We could not have selected a better realtor than Trisha to work with us in selling our home of 26 years. Her expertise, professionalism, clear and concise communication were instrumental is a quick sale of our home. Her marketing team and herself were stellar. My husband can't forget the first Open House with cookies with the image of our house. Definitely would work with her again. Thank you Trisha! Nancy and Bob”

“Trisha is absolutely excellent; her communication skills, friendliness, persistence, and professionalism are just outstanding. I am a Realtor and have worked with hundreds of Realtors over the years. Of all the Realtors I can remember I rate Trisha number one.”